Did You Know?

Students internship experience has been shown to be the #1 factor influencing employer hiring decisions*. Studies show that students who completed an internship earn more on average than those who did not engage in an internship.

*Purdue College of Business

What is the JST Program?

Teams of high school students work over a five-week period to develop their ideas into products and businesses. Interns will learn skills to make them successful in industry with lessons focused on product development, engineering and business/marketing.

At the end of the program, students get the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of local STEM experts, business leaders, and government officials for a chance to win scholarship funding.

What is the Mini Tank Program?

Similar to the full JST Program students work with mentors to flesh out ideas that could be turned into businesses. This program is a half day-long, workshop-style program that is designed to give students a taste of what the full internship would be like.


What are the benefits of the JST Program?

Internship Experience for Resumé Building

  • Interns develop professional resumé and include this as engineering/business internship experience
  • All interns receive a letter of recommendation

Networking with Employers / Colleges

  • Several networking opportunities
  • Interns taught how to interact with future employers and colleges

Mentorship and Guest Lectures

  • Local STEM and business professionals volunteer to mentor and provide career-focused advice to interns