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Zimbabwe Program Objective

Collaborate with a rural community in a developing country to give high school students the opportunity to develop tangible computer programming skills that can be leveraged for employment upon graduation.

First Year Program Goals

Send three S.Y.STEM Coalition volunteers to Nyadire High School June 2022

Conduct 10 hands-on robotics workshops with middle school and high school students

Initiate year-long Coding Club for the students using content from CS Academy

Work with High School administration to ensure longevity and support of Coding Club

Provide opportunity for advisor to travel to the U.S. fall of 2022 for additional training

Our Partners

We’ve teamed up with Carnegie Mellon University’s CS Academy to provide top notch computer science curriculum and with The Nyadire Connection to provide Nyadire-specific support and guidance.

Carnegie Mellon CS Academy

A university-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing novel, world-class Computer Science education for any classroom —entirely free.

The Nyadire Connection

A faith-based, non-profit organization that seeks to support and sustain the Nyadire United Methodist Mission in northeastern Zimbabwe, Africa.

Please contact for questions about the program or about how to get involved!