S.Y.STEM Coalition offers a variety of week-long camps for students ages K-12. They can be offered during the day in the summer or as an after school program during the school year.

  • Soldering and Electronics Camp
  • Robotics Camp
  • Self-Watering Plant Camp
  • Coding Camp (COMING SOON!)

Soldering and Electronics Camp

Soldering is a basic skill that is needed to build many electronics. Students learn the basics of electronics and soldering through classroom instruction. They also get the opportunity to work with engineers in industry on perfecting their soldering technique.

Soldering Camp

Robotics Camp

Robots are the future! Students get to build a robot car and program it to complete an obstacle course. This camp could be the catalyst to a future career in mechanical or electrical engineering!

Robotics Camp

Self-Watering Plant Camp

The self-watering plant camp gives students an opportunity to learn about automated systems as well as biology. They will build an automated system that senses when the soil of a plant is dry and automatically pumps water to water the plant.

Self Watering Plant Camp

Coding Camp – Coming Soon!

If you have any questions regarding our camps please reach out to info@systemcoalition.org.