Hey Arizona residents! S.Y.STEM Coalition is a Qualified Charitable Organization in Arizona! This means donations up to $400 made to our organization can be claimed as a tax credit on your state tax filings and dollar-for-dollar reduction of the taxes you owe to the state of Arizona. Your donation will support S.Y.STEM Coalition efforts of enriching youth with STEM knowledge and experiences, while reducing the equivalent amount of taxes you pay.

Not only does the donation decrease your state tax liability, it could increase your refund, if one is due; although we recommend checking with a tax professional if you have questions about your specific tax situation.

Donating is EASY! Just click the yellow Donate button to donate via our website.
If you prefer to donate by mail via check or money order please mail donations to our address below. Make sure to include an email address so we can send you your donation receipt for your records!

S.Y.STEM Coalition
1718 E. Speedway Blvd. #121
Tucson, AZ 85719

To claim your contribution on your state taxes you will need our QCO Code: 22189. For filing electronically, follow instructions from your tax service program for claiming qualified contributions on your state return. For filing by mail, complete AZ State Tax Form 321, part B.

For more information about the tax credit program, or to get a copy of form 322, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website. This school will mail out a receipt for your tax purposes upon receiving the contribution.

S.Y.STEM Coalition greatly appreciates your contributions and continuous support. Stay healthy and safe.